Rocks are an integral part of what we do.  Stone is a natural material that allows us to do so many things in a landscape.



They come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colors.  When used in a landscape they appear to have been there for a long time.  This ages the landscape instantly.



Fieldstones that are exposed to the elements, (not buried) have moss and lichen on them.  The people that harvest these beautiful specimens take pains not to damage them.   Quality materials make for a quality product.

Specimen boulders are placed with meticulous detail and care. The type of equipment varies with the size of stones.

The size of the boulders are important for the scale of space.  Big boulders look bigger in smaller spaces and vice versa.   Small spaces can have smaller stones and be arranged in an artful manner.  We use out croppings to create primary and secondary focal points within a hierarchies of spacial arrangement.

Combine plants and you could have a natural work of art that looks like it has always been there.